Trouble Shooting Tips for Common Lawn Mower Problems

Lawn mower users should be conversant with fixing some common problems that they may encounter when using self propelled machines.  Since the use of lawn mower is ear marked for the weekends, finding it non operative at the time of use can be quite inconvenient as the work has to be deferred and cleanliness of the lawn or garden gets affected.  Calling a servicing person will take time and your schedule of lawn maintenance gets upset. To avoid such inconvenience, it will be helpful if the user is having some knowledge about trouble shooting and the ability to fix it. Visit website to know more about how to fix these kinds of problems.


Getting ready

Be ready to face any breakdown of lawn mower with a set of tools comprising four-in-one screwdriver, ratchet / socket set, needle nose pliers, adjustable wrench and rag waste. The carburetor is the often affected part of a lawn mower that gives different kinds of problems that renders the machine unusable.  Loss of power, issues related to speed and acceleration and even idling are related to problems that originate from the carburetor. The signs and symptoms of carburetor related problems and its remedy are discussed below.

Leaking carburetor

If you observe that the carburetor is leaking then you can be sure that either the sealing or the O-ring and screw have been damaged.  For detecting damage to sealing check gaskets, plugs, caps and Welch plugs. The other things to check are the O-rings and mixture and idle adjustment screws. Click for more info on fixing lawn mower problems.

Engine not starting

The reason for engine not starting could be that the carburetor is dirty, malfunctioning nylon check ball, cracked or distorted diaphragm, of the gasoline and air is not being mixed properly. Carrying out adjustment of the adjustment screw that controls the mixing of gasoline and air can fix the problem. If not, then adjustment of control cable and cleaning of carburetor by removing metal parts can make the engine start. Checking of the nylon check ball and the diaphragm could reveal distortions or damage that would necessitate replacement.

Readjusting the carburetor

The adjustment of chock and throttle plates of the carburetor can get misaligned along with the bent chock and screws that can result in improper supply of fuel to the engine that affects its start up.  In such case, clean the carburetor and re-adjust main mixture screw and idle mixture screw. Check throttle plates and bent choke and re-adjust the governor linkage. Simply like Mower Mart on Facebook and stay ahead with the latest tricks and tips on fixing lawn mower problems.

Acceleration problems

If the engine does not accelerate satisfactorily it can result from misalignment of a screw. Readjusting the idle mixture screw and the main screws can solve the problem.

Less power at high speed

If the engine does not exert enough power at high speed it could be caused by misalignment of linkage or adjustment screws. You will have to readjust these and also the float setting of the carburetor float should be adjusted besides checking diaphragms and gaskets for proper sequence.

Over speeding of engine

Damaged seals or misaligned mixture screws could be the cause of excessive engine speeds. After checking gasket seals, plugs and caps clean the carburetor and adjust linkage, control cable and mixture screws.

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